Monitor your events live with Atribus Wall

Complement your events with Atribus Wall to present the online interactions about the event live to the audience and thus increase the social media popularity.

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Measure the interaction of the participants during the event

You can follow the ratios such as the number of mentions, the impact or the reach live. Furthermore, you can determine the most retweeted tweets about the event, regardless of whether they are opinions, comments, or photographs by for example, using a hashtag.


Improve the reach of your events on Social media with Atribus Wall

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Increase the interactions of your participants on social media and viralize your event

Atribus Wall allows participants to actively engage in conversations and discussions. This increases the reach as well as the mentions about the monitored event, presentation or speech.

In addition to the live interactions you are able to gather and summarise all the data in a personalised custom report.