Monitor your events live with Atribus Wall

Add the perfect Wall to your events, and show your audience live and during the event how users are interacting online related to it, and increase it´s social media popularity.

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Measure the ratios of interactions of your assistants during the event

You will be able to follow ratios such as number of mentions, the impact or the reach – live! Also, you will know what the most retweeted tweets relating your event are, whether they are opinions, comments or photos referring to it using for example, a Hashtag.


Improve the reach of your events on Social media with Atribus Wall

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Increase the interactions of your assistants on social media and viralize your event

Atribus Wall helps you get people to actively participate in conversations. this way you will be able to improve the reach and number of mentions about the evento, speaker or act you wish to monitor.

Apart from the live interactions, you will be able to keep all the data in a custom report.