Discover what people
about you or your brand

Monitor Social Media, Blogs, Online Newspapers,                              Websites…. and manage your online reputation

Atribus is a tool that can monitors mentions to your brand, identify influencers, meet your audience, compare and study your competitors, analyse your websites and boost your events.
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gestión de la reputación online

Monitor the mentions
to your brand

Atribus collects the posts of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin as well as media (online, press, radio, television) including forums, blogs and other websites.

Discover what they say about your brand

Discover influencers
and meet your audience

Find the influential users in your sector with Atribus. Discover the best hours to post on social networks.
Analyze the behavior of your audience and create a community around your brand.

Discover new influencers

Take control
of your mentions

Crisis Panel

Detects possible reputation crises and acts quickly

Dashboard Ratios

Analyze all the Ratios of your keywords in a simple and effective way


Set your KPI’s y and measure their evolution over time

Content scheduling

Schedule all posts to keep your social networks always active

Relations map

Discover the scope of your publications with the Atribus relationships map

alertas gestión de redes sociales

Alerts system

Schedule your custom alerts to reach into your email or mobile phone

Compare and study
your competitors

Build your own competitors panels and analyze your strategy.
Always go a step further, creating content about upcoming trends.

Get ahead of the competition

Informes redes sociales

Design reports
and export them in one click

Build custom reports according to your needs and objectives.
Design, save your templates and optimize your time.

Create your own reports