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With Atribus Profiles you will be have total control over your social media accounts, you will be able to manage all your profiles in a highly efficient way and start creating an online community with your followers.

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Group all of your social media profiles in one place. Analyze their performance and find out the social media strategies that work best.

Detect possible influencers of your sector and those who might be interested in contacting, grow you community.


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Analyze the ratios of your mentions on social media

Find out which are the mentions with the most reach, impressions, interactions, the users with more influence as well as the feeling your publications generate on users. In the Atribus Dashboard you will find all the information you need divided by Social media platform.

The Cloud of words and Cloud of hashtags show the most used words to help you identify trends. You will also be able to know the bets times to publish depending on the times your desired audience is most active.