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With Atribus Monitoring you can monitor the mentions that are generated for the keywords that best suit your needs. Manage your online reputation and don’t miss anything talking about you or your brand on the internet.

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Set up your own searches and start getting results

Create your personalised studies and group your different searches into categories. This will allow you to have more control over the results obtained.

Atribus will collect and show you the information of your searches grouped according to your KPIs.


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Analyze the ratios of your mentions in the network

Discover which mentions have the most reach, impressions, interactions, the most influential users and also discovers the feeling of the publications. In the dashboard you will find the mentions intuitively grouped by platforms.

The word cloud and hashtags cloud show the most used terms so you can identify trends. Furthermore way you will be able to know the hours and days of the week with the greatest reach for your keywords.