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Frequently Asked Questions – Free trial

Will I have access to the complete tool?

Yes, it all depends on the type of monitorization you wish to do, you will be given access to Atribus Monitoring or Atribus Profiles, inside each one of those you will also be able to use all the functionalities as if you had the tool already purchased, with two small exceptions. You won’t be able to collect data from Instagram and the amount of information collected from news feed will be reduced.

When does the 15 day trial start?

Your trial will start once you receive an email (in the address you gave us), from then on you will have 15 days to enjoy all of the Atribus features without any costs.

Do I need to give you my bank account details to enjoy the free trial?

No, it’s not necessary to give us your bank account information or make any previous payment to enjoy the free trial, once the trial has finished you will be given the option to take all your project information to a full client version of Atribus, were you will keep the information you acquired in the 15 day trial.

Can I monitor third party accounts?

Yes, you will be able to monitor third party accounts with out the need of knowing there credentials, our system doesn’t access any private information, depending on the type of monitorization you have chosen you will be given different information about the account you wish to monitor.