An exclusive wall to sports events!



An exclusive wall to sports events!

Atribus Social Fans Stadium

We give you a world of possibilities to energize events, perception of players, sponsors…

  • Live monitoring of hashtag match

  • Man of the match. The player with more positive mentions on social media.

  • Data analytics of the match in scoreboards of stadium during the pre-match or break time.

  • Competitions between stands with hashtags

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We want to show you our Social Fans Stadium! 🏟️

We use the Atribus Wall Tech, where we show an events interaction in social media, improving feedback with the fans and and making it more dynamic. This new tool is designed for sports events where the fans can be protagonist of the match in the stands.

Through actions such as stand battles or choosing the player of the match, among many others, spectators will live an experience beyond what happens on the pitch itself, keeping them active also in previously unused spaces such as breaks.

âś… Visual actions on stadium screens

  • Hashtag battles with teams or stadiums, results
  • Classification of mentions of each player in real time

âś… Social media monitoring

  • Follow-up on social networks and media of the team and players
  • Automatic reports in real time of each football match.
  • Social media walls for real-time marketing teams

âś… Interactive actions for fans

  • Selfie screens
  • Ideal selection of the 11 players by the fans

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Make your stadium an interactive space for your fans

Valencia CF Innovation Partner
Valencia CF Innovation Partner